The Perks of Being a Private Tutor

Being a private tutor can be a wonderful career path, with a fulfilling premise in helping others and also boasting many unique perks. Here are our top five:

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You can manage your schedule to fit your life. Only available to work weekday nights and weekend days? No problem. We will offer you tuition jobs that occur during these times. Want extra hours during holidays? We'll make sure to let you know when holiday-time requests come up. Private tutoring is one of the few careers that enables you to work at your own pace, according to your own timetable.

You'll meet an array of different students, parents and families along your journey, with whom you may form lasting relationships that may offer up further opportunities or benefits of their own. Additionally, as a practising private tutor you will have to exercise your skills in not only teaching, but also problem-solving, patience, punctuality, presentation, communication and other client-facing responsibilities.

Assisting others with aspirations to achieve can be an extremely gratifying role. You'll be an invaluable source of support and knowledge, often working towards set goals such as GCSE exams or entrance interviews, where tangible improvements can be made. It won't always be easy - the best private tutors tailor their techniques to each individual, according to their respective strengths and weaknesses - but that just increases the level of fulfilment one can gain from such work.

Private tutoring is just as much about learning as it is about teaching.Working with students keeps you informed of current syllabi, up-to-date with best teaching techniques and constantly practising your speciality subjects. As time goes on, so too do developments in academia; your knowledge will continue to grow alongside them. Additionally, you'll adapt to each student and get to know each of their respective schools or institutions - further adding to your specialist knowledge and what you can take away about the world of education.

If you commit yourself to private tutoring, you will reap all of the benefits listed above and also be able to earn a highly competitive annual salary. Career private tutors can earn upwards of £40,000 a year. The personal, flexible nature of the role coupled with the importance of education means that your job as a private tutor is not only in demand, but also highly valued.

If you would like to work with Aspire Academics as a private tutor, you can apply online now.